Aanaimalai (Othakadai)

by Admin On 27/02/2014 - 10:03 PM

• Jain’s school and jain beds,bhirami inscriptions on south west side of the hill.      
• It was created at 1st century A.D. by “eri arithan athuvayi arattakayin”, and then it was called “Ivakundram”.
You can see the Rock steps to the cave.Inner view of the cave with Jain beds.Lord Shiva temple created at the east side cave.Identification of the spring. It is  beautiful View of Tirupparamkundram from Aanaimalai.
You can see Theerthangarar sculptures at the ground floor of the hill. There you  see, 9 sculptures of theerthangarars created by “Eanathinadi,Venpuraichathan,araiyan,vallathirukkai,nattu kollan, peruvembatrur chezhiya pandi,Venbaikkudi,eviyamputhi,achanandhi monk at 9th century A.D. There you can see  separate theerthagnarar sculpture and a Theerthangarar sculpture face to north side and An individual theerthagnarar statue worshipped as “Lord Muniandi” by the local people