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Courtallam famed as the 'Spa of South' in Tirunelveli district is around 160kms from Madurai. The main attraction of this summer resort situated at an elevation of about 167 mts. on the Western Ghats is its waterfalls. The waters of Courtallam are believed to have medicinal qualities as it flows through forests of herbs. The falls which attracts large number of visitors are: Main Falls (Peraruvi); Small Falls (Chitraruvi); Shenbagadevi falls (not safe to take bath); Honey Falls (Thenaruvi) ; Five Falls (Aindharuvi); Tiger Falls(Puli Aruvi); Old Falls (Pazhaya Courtallaruvi); New Falls (Puthu Aruvi); Fruit Garden Falls (Pazhathotta Aruvi). Near the main water falls, there is the Kutralanathar Temple dedicated to Lord Siva.