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Madurai has a rich historical background in the sense that Lord Shiva himself performed sixty-four wonders called Thiruvilaiyadals (divine acts). As early as the 3rd century BC, Megasthanes visited Madurai. Later many people from Rome and Greece visited Madurai and established trade with the Pandya kings. Madurai flourished till 10th century AD when it was captured by Cholas (rulers of north east Tamilnadu) & the archivals of the Pandyas.

The Cholas ruled Madurai from 920 AD till the beginning of the 13th century. In 1223 AD Pandyas regained their kingdom and once again become prosperous. Pandian Kings patronized Tamil language in a great way. During their period, many masterpieces were created. Silapathikaram, the great epic in Tamil was written based on the story of Kannagi a virtuous women of noble birth who burnt Madurai as a result of the injustice caused to her husband Kovalan, by the ruler of Madurai.