Madurai Heritage Walk

by Admin On 27/03/2014 - 7:35 AM

Among the ancient cities of india madurai has a unique place with its literary efloresence, puranic glories and continous long history. Known as the athens of the south, This city has several other names such as koodal, naanmadakkudal and alavai, madurai had trade contact with the cities situated on the banks of river ganges as well as Greece and Rone. Foriegn traders and spiritualists affiliated with madurai from time immeroial. Even today madurai keeps its glorious  past traditional temple festivals and political importance intact.

The pandya rulers patronised the tamil sangam and helpfully development of the language and literature. They ruled the country with its capital at madurai since 3rd centuray B.C. Subsecuent to the sangam age this place was ruled by kalabhras. Early pandyas, chozhas, later pandyas madurai sulrans vijayanagar emperors madurai nayaks nawabs of arcot and the british . There are references to madurai in the epigrphical records of the 2nd century BC. Its glorious past is verymuch mentioned in the accounts of foreigners who visited this place. Its layout and splendours are given in a picturesue description in literay works such as madurai kanchi, neduntalvandai silappathikaram and thiruvilayadal puranam

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