Messes in Madurai

by Admin On 14/02/2014 - 6:28 AM

Madurai has a reputation as a city of celestial delights. The god Shiva was so enchanted at the sight of her gilded towers reflected in the myriad ponds and a reservoir brimming with water lilies that drops of honey fell like a blessing from his locks and gave it its name—Madurai—city of nectar.

As the name itself talks that the delicacy of food available at Madurai will be. To take your taste buds a culinary trip, just roam around the city with some local guides and ask them to take you to famous messes in Madurai. My advice is to have a light food before you start the trip as you gonna be tempted by the aroma of the flavors that they cook. The name mess speaks about the food preparation, you can get the taste of homemade foods, comparing to hotels and restaurants. 

It’s at night that the streets around the Meenakshi temple come alive with street vendors pushing their wares on their mobile carts. Some of the better known food chains, such as the Murugan idles, started off on the roadside, as little old ladies ground their grandmother’s recipes and steamed them into edible packets for pilgrims to sample. One of their best known outlets is just next to the temple.I would like to mention few names of messes around to visit on your own,here you go,


Kumar Mess - Kumar Mess was established in the year 1991 in Madurai with an aim to offer mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes at affordable price ranges. We specialize in offering Chettinadu and other south-Indian cuisines that are added up with flavorsome spices and herbs without disturbing their traditional value and taste. We ensure to deliver fresh and hygienic food to our customers without compromising on the unique flavor and taste.

AMMA mess-We are often BORED OF tasting the same old stuff? where ever you go each restaurant have the regular food varieties.....perhaps they are good in few dishes, Rummaging through the menu card, one could not hide his or her wonder at the variety of dishes on offer, all homemade preparations cooked under the supervision of the womenfolk. when you like to `have a go' at some of the delectable mouth-watering dishes, One place, which can be deemed fit to clear your culinary doubts is the `Amma Mess', a restaurant where you could see the perfect blend of Chettinad with a touch of Singapore- Chinese fusion!!!!


Konar Mess- Kari Dosai ( Mutton stuffed dosa ) with Mutton liver curry,You can find the best kari dosai here , they are running it for years ... A must taste recipe and you can also find other varieties of Mutton dishes over here Mutton Liver fry , Botti , kotthu kari , Sukka varuval , Idiyapam with aatu kaal paaya , Mutton sevarotti, etc…