Traditional Food

by Admin On 17/02/2014 - 1:44 AM

Here’s supplying you with a whiff of the cooking delights waiting to be discovered on the slim streets of Madurai. we tend to confess to a scarcity of pizzas, burgers and

submarines and concede that ‘eating out’ for Maduraiites ordinarily connotes a run of the mill menu of naan and paneer butter masala, biriyani and tandoori chicken, noodles and dish with, of course, a ‘dosa festival or 2 tossed sure additional crispness. however World Health Organization desires food courts, once there’s an entire world of taste-bud-tickling fare to be savored alfresco, with astonishingly acceptable standards of hygiene to boot? Welcome to Madurai’s Rottu Kadais (Road side retailers, for the uninitiated).

Keep your eyes open within the geographical region of South Masi Street for wayside carts, from whose sides sprout decorative, ivory sprigs of blossom from the cocoa palm. These barrows area unit stacked with log-sized chunks of thennang kuruthu – layers of bark area unit in the buff far from the trunk of the Cocos nucifera to show the tender kernel of the stem. These thin, moist, crisp slices, packed in newspaper, have a fragile flavor all of their own. Head for the East Marret Street space and its’ jigger thanda – one in every of Madurai’s best-kept secrets. This ethnic ‘milk-shake’ is as as soul shaking because the resonance of its name suggests! A scoop of ‘bhai ice cream’ (a light-weight, caramel coloured, totally delicious, home-made concoction), some cold milk, a containerful of carbohydrate sirup, a small indefinite quantity of edible alga, a generous serving to of Devonshire cream –in a very split second, you've got Heaven served up in a very Rs.5/-, Rs.10/-, or Rs.15/- glass. ‘Take away’ jigger thanda is additionally enterprisingly on provide in very little plastic pouches. By the way, all calorie – count readers area unit suggested to ignore this paragraph!

The confection painstakingly wrapped in plastic and packed in fancy cartons could masquerade by the name of halwa. But, for the first, melt-in-the-mouth version, strive North Aavani Moola Street or West Veli Street. Piping hot, oozing clarified butter, and served on items of banana leaf – that’s the sole thanks to eat any halwa value its name return evening and it’s time to follow the disconnected rhythm of iron spatulas on sizzling tawas, that punctuates street life in many components of our town. You’ll end up in one in every of Madurai’s irreproducible‘parotta kadais.’ Have your parotta whole as ‘saadhaa parotta,’ minced as ‘kothu parotta,’ or skinny and crisp as ‘veechu parotta,’ in the course of some type of chicken, egg or mutton. each a part of the goat [with the notable exception of the hide and hair!] is grilled and served in varied combos and permutations. observation the ‘parotta master’ kneading dough or wielding his spatula is as fascinating as any chefs chefs’ flipping of pancakes. A word of caution: a ‘half boil’ in parotta Sino-Tibetan formulation refers to associate degree egg in its deep-fried avatar – sunny facet up, with to a fault generous lashings of salt and pepper - and has completely nothing to try and do with its preparation time! For that ‘in-between’ one thing, the vadais at Karimedu on the subject of hit the spot. The ‘masters’ practiced hand could be a blur of motion between the outsized bowl and therefore the giant pan, as he drops planar lumps of channa catjang pea batter into the unwaveringly stewing oil. As quick as they'redeep-fried, the vadais - crisp and redolent with the aroma of deep-fried onions – area unit place into paperluggage and into the waiting hands of consumers.

The pristine white, piping hot, soft and musky string hoppers [‘idiyappams’ to South Indians!] that emanate virtually round the clock from the decades-old, modest stall in East Veli Street, area unit teamed with sugar and grated coconut and have the elite rubbing shoulders with the people as they wait their share. These hoppers area unit purported to be simple on the systema  digestorium and area unit the well-liked diet of the many patients within the Mission Hospital within the locality. The food handlers use plastic gloves as they pack the orders!