Vaigai Dam

by Admin On 10/04/2015 - 8:59 AM

Vaigai Dam in Madurai is built across the Vaigai River near Andipatti, in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu, southern India. It provides water for irrigation for the Madurai district and the Dindigul district as well as drinking water to Madurai and Andipatti. Near the dam the Government of Tamil Nadu has constructed the Agricultural Research Station for researching the growing of a variety of crops, including paddy, sorghum, blackgram, cowpea and cotton. Vaigai Dam is a usual picnic spot for weekend for the locals around Madurai/Dindigul. In the dam, A large beautiful garden is maintained by the Dam managment, the garden is nearly 1 1/2 Kms length and very attractive for children. This Man-made garden filled with all kinds of exotic flowers and plants on one side of the dam compete with the rugged natural beauty of the hills that borders the river on the other side. On Sundays, the dam site is illuminated and looks beautiful.